Mindfulness Meditation

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A very quiet practice is currently making a huge impact, and the world is listening. These modern times call for a modern approach to meditation and mindfulness.
When you’re looking for a mindfulness teacher you need someone who has depth of experience in both the practice and teaching of mindfulness. The core concepts and qualities of mindfulness are most effectively taught through the presence of the teacher.

Meegan has the depth of a nearly 30 year meditation practice combined with years of mindfulness based therapy training, and over 15 years of clinical experience. Meegan is a highly qualified, authentic and empathetic mindfulness and meditation teacher.


Mindfulness Coaching

Individual coaching sessions in mindfulness and meditation.
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Mindfulness Meditation Courses

Meegan is a teacher and facilitator for Mindfulness Works, Australasia’s leading mindfulness training organisation.
Evening courses are run regularly.
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Or organise your own small group for an Intro to Mindfulness & Meditation course.
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Workplace Training

Talk to me about bringing Mindfulness training to your business or workplace.

Mindfulness… A Quiet Practice With A Big Impact

Mindfulness Meditation

The growing evidence base indicates that repeated mindfulness practice can lead to positive life changes, including reduced stress and anxiety, reduced chronic physical pain, a boosted immune system, the ability to cope with difficult life events, the ability to deal with negative emotions,reduced insomnia, increased self-awareness to detect harmful reactive patterns of thought, feeling and action, improved concentration, a greater sense of happiness and well-being.

(Source: Mental Health Foundation NZ)

“Having Meegan put together a workshop on mindfulness as part of a professional development afternoon for educational staff was an excellent choice for this forum. Her professional, calm and perceptive manner engaged the group from the very start to end. Attendees went away feeling energised and thankful for the new skills they learnt at the workshop.
Weeks later attendees are still positively talking about it.” Monique Jansonius, NZEI


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