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Women’s Life Coach + Mentor

Helping Women Free Themselves from Anxiety, Fear, & Overwhelm.

Women's Life Coaching

I help women in  mid-life, free themselves from anxiety, overwhelm, and fear, get unstuck, and finally live with confidence and vitality.

Are you a woman in mid-life finding yourself feeling anxious, stuck, overwhelmed, and just plain jaded?

Navigating mid-life is a wild ride for many of us. And I’m not just talking about perimenopause symptoms. We’re also facing into changing roles in our families, and in a society that still values youth. Women tell me that they start to feel invisible at this stage of life.

Couple that with physical symptoms of perimenopause and you have a personal crises on the horizon.  Anxiety and depression become more prevalent during perimenopause as your body enters the ever changing tides of hormone fluctuation. Now is the time that many women give up – and not in a surrender kind of way – but give up on themselves, and on life.

But I’m here to support you, and to speak the truth that you are needed now more than ever.

Mid-life can be a time of letting go, and REGENERATION. You can be that woman with her very own individualised vibrancy. You now have experience on your side to help you navigate the stormy seas of change, and this next chapter can be the BEST chapter of your life.

Sometimes we just need a little help to turn the page. 

I have been there, and I know what it takes to free yourself from overwhelm and low self confidence.

I use a breakthrough process specifically designed for women called Creatrix®.

Creatrix® is a revolutionary breakthrough process - SPECIFICALLY designed for women - that blasts through your deepest blocks and limiting beliefs. Fear, anxiety, trauma, self-doubt, feeling "not good enough", anger, you name it - it can all be removed FAST and FOR GOOD with Creatrix®.

Clear the inherited beliefs and chronic emotional states that are driving your overwhelm and keeping you stuck.

Free yourself from the grip of anxiety, procrastination, doubts, fear, and subconscious blocks.

Creatrix® is a fast, painless and SIMPLE process that resets your mind and changes the way you perceive yourself and your world... for the BETTER!

Ready to find out more about working with me?

“I felt overwhelmed and unworthy, I was in a negative hole that I didn’t know how to get out of no matter how hard I tried. After Creatrix® with Meegan, I am so different within myself, I know I am worthy, my mind is quieter, I trust myself and I’m excited about life again.” Nat R

About Me

As a Women’s Life Coach I draw on my extensive therapeutic training, over two decades of clinical and group work, and of course my own life experience. In late 2020 I found Creatrix®, and it changed the way I work with clients forever!

I’ve helped clients for the past 20 years as a qualified Psychosynthesis Counsellor, Craniosacral Therapist (BCST), and teacher of mindfulness and meditation.

Recovery from Crohn’s disease over 25 years ago, lead me to train extensively in various forms of therapy, mindfulness and healing with master teachers and coaches. I am the sole New Plymouth trainer for Mindfulness Works – New Zealand’s largest mindfulness training organisation. I also facilitate mindfulness education for individuals, groups and workplaces.

“Creatrix has taught me that what I think and what I have to say is important. I feel like I finally fit into adulthood as a confident woman who knows herself deeply and finds herself worthy.”  Nicola Douglas Women’s Health Acupuncturist

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