The intensity of new love launches us into relationships and often long term commitment. But what happens when those powerful feelings you felt surging through your being in the early stages of love  fade away or even worse disappear all together?

Have you built a wall that keeps love out?
Whether you are single and looking for love or in a committed relationship and feeling disconnected from your partner,  consider that you may have built an emotional wall that is holding back the flow of loving feelings in your being and consequently in your life.

What is the wall made of?
This emotional wall that is blocking your natural flow of love for self and others is made up of unhealed hurts, resentment, unforgiveness, unmet emotional needs and expectations. Much of this might be below your conscious awareness.  Every time you stuff down and hold onto frustration, hurt or bitterness you are adding another brick to this wall. If you are single and seeking a relationship this emotional wall could be blocking a potential partner from seeing the illumination of your true loving heart.

How to overcome the wall
The key to getting the river of love flowing again is to take the wall down, brick by brick.  Whilst maintaining an attitude of self acceptance and good heart, identify the  hurts, resentments and pain that may be blocking your natural flow of the energy of love.

Then decide which of these “bricks” you are ready to let go of. You might like to begin by writing a heartfelt letter, either to an individual, or about a painful situation or memory. This letter is not for giving to anyone, it is part of a healing ritual that will help you let go. Express the hurt, pain, sadness or anger you feel inside yourself and then burn the letter as a way of letting go and cleansing. Do this whilst mindfully connecting to your feelings and physical experience and it becomes a powerful way to heal and restore your natural loving feelings.