It is difficult to find a way out of chronic pain when it has taken hold and especially so when this is a daily occurrence as is the case for those diagnosed with or suffering symptoms associated with Fibromyalgia.

For many, pain causes both physical and emotional tension, this tension then causes an increase in pain and fatigue. For many people it can be incredibly difficult to find a way out of this pain-tension-increased pain loop.

I originally created this guided meditation specifically for a client who was suffering painful symptoms associated with Fibromyalgia.

This meditation can be used daily to break this cycle of tension and pain and will help you to find a “peaceful place to rest” within yourself, promoting relaxation and increasing your ability to observe and find some space with your feelings and thoughts.

Used frequently over time you will begin to retrain your mind/body system to relax, let go, calm and therefore heal more readily.

You may lie down for this guided mediation, if you feel like resting after completing the meditation then please take the time to do this (it will be very healing for your body).

Recommended for those experiencing symptoms of Fibromyalgia, post surgery pain and chronic pain conditions. Do not use while driving or operating machinery (obviously).

Please share this free healing meditation with those you care about who are suffering from painful conditions.

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