Are you feeling relaxed and refreshed at the moment? Me too! But how quickly this feeling of calm and ease can disappear, when you are back at work immersed in school and everyday routines. Imagine what it might be like to engage more of this inner state of calm all year round. Here are some tips that will help grow your capacity for calm and ease all year round.

1. Take Mini Holidays

What do you like to do best on holiday? Read, walk, swim, play? Create mini holidays for yourself, by setting aside a few hours to indulge in whatever it is that brings you joy. Put away your to do list (either internal or external) and be completely present to whatever fun activity you have chosen. Commit to setting aside time for your “mini holiday” regularly.

2. The “Big Picture” Secret

When I am on a break I am able to engage a bigger perspective on my life. On holiday I can look out and “see the horizon” of my life in a way that that I am not always able to when attending to everyday concerns. When you open to the “big picture” of your life, you are actually connecting to your inner wisdom. You then bring threads of this wisdom back into your everyday life. Consequently your actions and choices become more influenced by your inner wisdom, rather than being reactions from a stressed state.

3. Pick a Practice

Maintaining a steady sense of balance and calm on the inside is vital to achieving your goals without burnout. Choose a practice that you resonate with, that fills you up, that connects you to your center and internal wisdom. You might choose from yoga, meditation, journaling, surfing, dance or gardening. If you already have a practice in place, consider again why its important to you, re-energise your commitment to your practice.

Life can sometimes feel like a mad dash to the finish line, or the next holiday! However there is always more; more to do, more to learn. Will you join me this year in committing to bringing more calm and peace into your everyday life?