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The Midlife Upgrade Course

The course for women in midlife, perimenopause and beyond, that takes you from overwhelmed and over-it, to courageous, confident, and calm.

You're a woman in midlife and…

you know there must be more to life than this, you’re ready to resolve the overwhelm, anxiety & self doubt and live life on your terms.

Now let me guess…

You’re in midlife

and the challenges of menopause and midlife have really hit hard, and you’re feeling drained, overwhelmed, and it’s like your mojo has left the building.

Life has gotten away on you, your self confidence is at an all-time low, and Imposter Syndrome is a constant companion.

You’re overwhelmed…

struggling to keep up and full of self doubt.

What used to work to get through is no longer working.

And with all the life commitments you have, you don’t see how things can change for the better.

You’re frustrated…

somehow along the way you’ve lost your joy for life, and right now, it feels like one big slog, week after week.

You know things need to change, you just don’t know where to start, but you’re sure as hell life should feel better than this.

Kia ora, I'm Meegan Care

I am a Certified Counsellor and Mindset Coach with a holistic approach, dedicated to bringing clarity and life-changing breakthroughs to my clients.

I’m a Kiwi, I’m 52, and I’m now on the other side of menopause and I’ve been where you are now.

During peri-menopause I got to a stage where I was struggling to get through the week in my busy clinical practice.

Sometimes I had to postpone clients because there were mornings I was so exhausted I just couldn’t face a full client load and that broke my heart.

I was irritable, overwhelmed, and just plain over it!

Until I realised that my brain was undergoing a sort of transformation, sometimes referred to as an ‘Upgrade,’ and once I figured out how to collaborate with this Upgrade, life got so much better.

I’ve taken all of my professional
expertise and life experience and created a program that will unlock the gateway to…


& Courage

It’s basically a psychological roadmap for midlife

If you could get your hands on such a roadmap would you grab the opportunity? 


8 Week Course
for women in midlife, perimenopause, and beyond, that takes you from overwhelmed and over-it, to courageous, confident, and calm.

In The Midlife Upgrade Course, you’ll learn how to...


Reclaim your vitality and confidence


Reset Anxiety, Stress & Overwhelm so they no longer suck you dry


Upgrade People Pleasing to have healthy boundaries


Unmask Ageing Stereotypes and reverse negative beliefs around ageing


Embrace body positivity to lead a joyful life on your own terms


Reimagine the Body & Brain changes of midlife to make the second stage of life your most empowered yet


Turn the Inner Critic into your Inner Superhero for limitless support and wisdom

This is how we do it...


Weekly video modules show you the way - step by step


Weekly coaching calls with me, bring it all together in a supportive community that'll wrap you up like a warm hug


Workbooks and guided meditations teach you the strategies so you can start using them right away


A private Facebook group you can share your wins, stay in momentum, and receive all the support you need.

Ready to take a peek inside?


Mapping Midlife Brain & Body Changes

Understand the territory, where are we at, where are we headed, and what’s in the way.

This module brings to the light the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual challenges and opportunities, available to us as women in midlife.

Quickly get to grips with areas of health & wellbeing that require additional support.


Unlearning The Myths Of Ageing

In this empowering process, we dive deep into the beliefs around midlife, menopause and ageing that are holding you back from fully embracing your midlife journey.

Midlife is the time to build the woman you wish to be for the rest of your life.

Get ready to release self-imposed limitations, redefine your possibilities, and embrace a vibrant and purposeful YOU.


Upgrade Intention: Life Mapping

To know where you want to go, you need to know where you’ve been. And more than that, extract the wisdom from your life’s journey.

Life Mapping will give you the shift of perspective you’ve been looking for and you’ll uncover wisdom and strengths you didn’t know where there.


Upgrade Anxiety & Overwhelm

Identify the Midlife mental load, the role of hormones in overwhelm, as well as stress and anxiety amplifiers.

Learn about the four nervous system stress responses and how to manage them successfully, so you can apply the brakes and support nervous system regulation to lessen the effects of stress, anxiety, overwhelm.


Reset The Inner Critic

From Inner Critic, to Inner Superhero!

Transform the Inner Critic from a self-sabotaging force into a constructive source that promotes personal growth and well-being.

Resilience is gained by cultivating positive and affirming internal dialogue models – learn how to access the Inner Superhero.


Upgrade People Pleasing

A “people pleaser” personality or behaviours indicates a strong urge to please others, even at our own expense. People pleasing is a subconscious behaviour that drains our vitality and creates relationship difficulties. 

By dismantling gender culture, embracing self-assertion, and fostering clear boundaries, we can drop the people pleasing behaviours and navigate midlife with authenticity and renewed confidence.


Radical Body Acceptance

Body positivity is about embracing and celebrating your body exactly as it is, recognising its uniqueness, and cultivating self acceptance.

In this module we take our power back, own our uniqueness, and challenge negative stereotypes about women in midlife and beyond!


Upgrade Confidence

Authentic confidence is an inside job – and may be very different from the confidence that has been modeled to you in the past.

Authentic confidence includes both courage and compassion – it enables you to be your most authentic self.

We’re bringing it all together in this module so that you feel, live, and exude courage and confidence!

It All Starts With You…

Use my experience and strategies to step into your second stage of life with unstoppable confidence



Your self-esteem and confidence has dipped over the past few years.


You’re grappling with anxiety and increased feelings of worry, mood swings, and irritability.


Your motivation has seemingly gone, leaving you to wrestle with Imposter Syndrome, overwhelm and chaos.

To This!


You’ve got the tools and strategies to cultivate a confident mindset and nurture a serene nervous system.


You’re looking forward to the next chapter of your life because it is going to be your most empowered yet!


You have a level of confidence and self worth that is unstoppable and you’re ready to live life on your terms.

In fact all this and more is yours, and you won’t be doing it all alone, because connection is where it’s at.


“I got so much out of the live zoom calls, I finally felt like I wasn’t alone, I was understood and supported by other women in the same stage of life.”

and if that isn’t enough…

You’ll also get behind the scenes access to…

Bonus Menopause Masterclass

with Nicola Douglas Women’s Health Expert and TCM Acupuncturist.

You’ll have access to Nicola’s masterclass where she covers everything from symptoms to supplements during menopause. 

Learn about peri-menopause and menopause from a Chinese Medicine perspective.

Nicola has over 20 years experience supporting women through the cycles of life. She has helped countless women overcome the sometimes hellish symptoms of menopause.

How much is the Midlife Upgrade Course?











I provide a lot of support for students on this course, so numbers of each intake are limited

Ready to Upgrade your mindset and life?

Apply below to work with me in July 2024!

And just in case you’re wondering…

How much individual support do I get access to during the course?

In The Midlife Upgrade Course, you’ll experience the essence of personalised coaching without the cost of one-on-one sessions.

Each week, you’ll have the (totally optional) opportunity to join the live coaching call where you can directly interact with me. These calls provide a safe space for discussing any topics or challenges that are relevant to you.

To ensure that you receive ample individual support, I keep the group sizes small. This enables me to provide personalised attention and guidance to each participant.

I’m not sure I can make it to all the live calls, will I miss out on too much if I can’t attend live each week?

Whilst the weekly live coaching calls support and deepen the work of the learning modules, it is not mandatory to attend all the live calls.

The live calls are super valuable, however rest assured that you will still receive comprehensive content and support through the learning modules, even if you can’t attend every scheduled live call.

Not a jump on zoom with a group kind of person? No worries at all, the course outcomes are based on the comprehensive weekly learning library, that you access in your own time. You can complete the entire course, and get all the learnings you came for, without needing to attend all or any of the live coaching calls. 

The small group live calls are held every Monday at 6.30pm for the 8 weeks of the course.

I’m already overwhelmed, I’m worried that I wont have time for the modules!

Listen I know we’re busy women (anyone say “invisible load”?), so I designed the course to deliver the transformation you’re looking for in the shortest time possible.

The course has been structured while taking the unique challenges and responsibilities that come with midlife into account.

If you can give yourself 1 hour a week for the live coaching calls, and up to 1 hour a week for the learning modules, you can complete the course comfortably.

Past participants have confirmed that we really did hit the sweet spot in terms of time allocation, making your transformation achievable without overwhelming your schedule.

I’ve tried every diet and exercise plan under the sun, but I’m still stuck, what makes this course different?

This course does not revolve around diet or exercise; instead, it offers a deep exploration of the psychology of menopause and midlife.

The primary focus is on psychology and mindset.

Working with hundreds of women over the past 25 years, I have found that addressing these aspects lays a strong foundation for achieving personal and professional goals in the future.

Mindset is considered the cornerstone of personal development in this course. It’s an inside-out approach that research has shown to yield long-lasting results.

What clients have to say…

You and The Midlife Upgrade Course are made for each other if...


You're over constantly feeling overwhelmed, anxious, and stressed


You are done with the low confidence and missing mojo, and you're ready to step into courage, joy and a "Hell Yes" life!


You want to find a way to live life boldly and on your terms


You're not sure where to start, but you are sure it should feel better than this


You're ready to give yourself the support you deserve so you can create a life you're excited about

The power to achieve an amazing transformation is at your fingertips…


If you’ve journeyed this far, you’re more than ready to break free from the clutches of Imposter Syndrome, self-doubt, and wavering self-esteem.

This is your moment!

I’m here to guide you on the path to a profound shift in self-esteem and confidence, enabling you to fearlessly embrace the second stage of life on your own terms.

You deserve this Upgrade, and remember, no one else can bestow it upon you.

The transformation you seek begins right here, right now.

All it takes is one courageous leap. Join the empowering community of women who are already seizing their confidence and rewriting their stories.

Embrace Your Upgrade – Jump On The Waitlist Today!

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