Hi! I’m Meegan Care, your midlife mentor, and this “mixtape” is my “very best of” audio series for women in midlife, perimenopause, and menopause. 

Who’s ready to push pause on stress & overwhelm, and turn up the volume on midlife confidence?

Inside you’ll find:

2 of my most popular guided meditations (with over 40,000 listens – people tell me these meditations are part of their must-haves toolkit.) One for sleep, and one to destress – cause as midlife women we need both!

3 transformative podcasts that will help you get the truth about HRT, resolve stress cycles, and transform that dreaded negative self talk – they’re like a coaching session in a box!

1 chart topping midlife affirmations audio (made just for you to listen to over and overfor a positive start to your day, when you are out walking, doing chores, or whenever you want to change your mindset quick as lightening!)

This is the “mixtape” I wish I’d had in my menopause journey.

And the best part? It’s completely free. Cue the neon bangles of empowerment!

Get started today!