I am constantly amazed at the way our human body functions. Not only on a purely physical level, heart beating, blood pumping, breath coming in and out of your lungs, your body also absorbs emotional shock for you.

Emotional shock and trauma also has a physical impact. If you experience something traumatic or disturbing your body will absorb any sensory overload caused. In situations of emotional shock you will tend to tense specific areas of your physical body to cope with the intensity of the situation. It may be your stomach, shoulders, chest (effecting breathing). In the right circumstances this tension will later be released through crying, shaking, movement or talking.

But if this pattern of holding in the body that was formed to cope with the past shock is not released or integrated appropriately it may become a more chronic holding and show up later as stomach upsets, back pain, headaches or chronic pain.

How Your Body Lets Go Of Your Past
When you are ready and often with the help of an experienced therapist, patterns of holding laid down at the time of emotional shock are released and healed. In most circumstances this feels like a release or a weight lifted, some describe it as a gentle pulling or unwinding sensation in a specific area of their body. Many people also become aware of an image or a phrase in their mind symbolic of release or connected to the original event.

At times this is followed by tears, a sign your body is resetting itself and releasing tension that was held around that particular area. Then ease and deeper breathing become apparent. Breath and vital life force are now able to flow into that specific area of your body. This may happen in one moment of time or it may take place over many sessions over a longer period.

Most often healing happens gradually and layer by layer, this is safe and appropriate for you and your body, an experience of release that is too intense may actually cause overwhelm and cause further trauma.