A question I hear very often from clients is; “I want to know what my life purpose is. What am I meant to be doing with my life?” It’s such an important question and one I never get tired of hearing.

Some people feel as if they have spent much of their life searching for their life purpose and still have no idea what they “should” be doing or becoming. The problem is most people look outside of themselves, for someone or something to tell them what their life purpose is. They are looking in the wrong place!

Understand that there is nothing you are necessarily “destined” to do with your life. There is no page in a book in some spiritual vault inscribed with your name, and that “thing” you are meant to be doing.

Your life purpose lives within you, deep within your inner being. Its like a seed waiting for the right conditions to sprout and grow into the unique plant that is your life purpose.

This seed of purpose was present when you were born. It was present when you were young, apparent in the things you loved to do. The things that engaged you so much when you were a child that you lost all sense of time. It is the inner state of passion and wellbeing engaged during these activites that offers clues to your life purpose.

A person with the life purpose seed of an artist, may channel this into illustration, become a florist, or teach art. Your life purpose may or may not be expressed in your paid work. The physical manifestation of your life purpose is flexible and may change over time. But the actual core quality being expressed is the same, it is the unique expression of YOU in the world.

Finding your life purpose is about uncovering your uniqueness and how you choose to express it in the world. Engaging with it inspires and challenges you to grow.