Take a leap into body
Your body has a message for you. As feelings come and go within, you may also notice a physical response associated with emotions. We easily notice the physical/emotional connection when our feelings are strong, for instance intense grief will be very noticeable in the heart area. Or anxiety can be felt as a tight gut, sweaty palms and racing heart. Yet a feeling response in the body accompanies more subtle emotions too. Many of us have become  disconnected from these body/feeling messages. It’s not until intensifying physical symptoms including headaches, digestive pain and back pain are felt that an imbalance is noticed.

Do you primarily “think” about your feelings….have you lost touch with what they actually feel like in your body? Perhaps unaware of an uncomfortable emotion until it overflows in the body, for example a panic attack or bursting into tears unexpectedly.

Crucial for your health
A conscious relationship with your body and feelings is vital for ongoing health and wellbeing. For example have you ever experienced digestive problems? If you very mindfully place your hands on your tummy right now, notice inside your body…is there an opening feeling, a contracting feeling, do you recognise any emotion in your gut? Over the course of many years loving attention and energy is sometimes withdrawn from the digestive system. If you have disconnected from feelings and body in this way, you are less likely to receive subtle body messages which alert you to inner tension or emotions. If you recognise and attend to these messages early they are less likey to lead more intense psychological and physical symptoms in the long term.

How to build the body relationship
One simple way to begin is to practise scanning your body. Using your awareness and attention scan your body from feet to head. Notice your internal experience, become aware of any inner tension, tightness, heaviness, or emotions in the body. Do this mindfully and yet lightly, bring acceptance to whatever your current experience is. No need to change your experience, just be with what is. Continue to build awareness of your body/feelings experience with this simple process, and you will be strengthening your own wellbeing and health in powerful ways.