I want to spend a moment speaking to distractions and diversions that keep you from shining your light.

They might come in the form of well thought out and even “valid criticism”, conflict, in response to your stepping up more fully, expressing more of yourself in the world.

These distractions may show themselves as ruminating on self doubt, on the deeper meaning of challenges that arise (“maybe I’m not meant to be doing this”).

These gremlins that arise from the shadows are potential de-railers for you on your path, certainly that’s one path we can take OR we can continue to step forward, casting aside the gremlins, the criticism, the self doubt and connect again to WHY we are doing this. Connect again to the original resonance that birthed your dream and stepping forward.

It is not your job to respond, ruminate, think over those distractions, it IS your job to shine your light, to connect again to your truth and to express this within yourself and within your world. Keep on shining gorgeous soul!