We all know how courage appears in the movies…the hero without fear or hesitation saves the day in a series of bold moves while managing to retain his slick, sexy demeanour. Courage in real life isn’t quite so glamorous. Courage in the real world looks very different to the glossy courage depicted in the movies.
It might look like the man asking for help for depression.

It might look like the girl standing up to those bullying her.
It might look like the husband supporting his wife through a painful illness.
It might look like someone pursuing their dreams even though the outcome is far from certain.

We need courage to bring our dreams into reality. We need courage to make personal changes that are painful, to end a relationship, to deeply commit to renewing a relationship, to let go of an outgrown career, to face the truth of an addiction.

The times in my life when I have been the most courageous have also been the times when I have felt scared, shaky and small. You may remember a time when you were filled with fear, legs shaking, stomach churning, heart racing and yet you did what had to be done.
Are there any areas in your life where you may need to draw on courage now? 

We draw upon courage when faced with a difficult and painful situation, we face into a painful reality, make a bold decision, ask for help. The truth is we draw on courage even when we are trembling with fear. Courage and fear can, and often do, co-exist within us. You may be at your most courageous when you are also filled with fear and doubt. You may find yourself filled with fear, doubt and anxiety and yet you take another step forward anyway because you know it’s the right thing to do. This is courage in the real world.

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