Chances are someone close to you suffers from some form of stress or anxiety, it could even be you! I frequently see clients who are struggling with stress and anxiety symptoms, and many keep this problem hidden from friends and family. Lets face it we all feel stressed, nervous, even anxious from time to time. This is not necessarily a major life interrupting problem, generally its a response to a new situation, experience or challenge. However, stress left unadressed for a long period of time can lead to more serious issues including anxiety, depression and panic attacks. Long term stress is bad for your physical and mental health.

What are the symptoms of anxiety?
Anxiety may build up over the years and remain unnoticed, or occur quite quickly. Symptoms can occur in various patterns, are different for everyone and include, increased heart rate, sweating, racing mind, obsessive thinking, upset tummy (particularly for children), headaches, avoiding situations or people, difficulty concentrating, sleep disturbances, frustration, anger, irritability, fatigue.

There is help!
It’s important to deal with feelings of stress and anxiety in the early stages. Do not ignore¬† early warning signs, make some simple routine changes, talk to a friend, take some relaxing time out. Helpful tools include breathing techniques, targeted mental and physical relaxation, changing thinking and behavioural patterns, particular forms of exercise, dietary changes.

For professional help contact a counselor or therapist experienced in the treatment of stress and anxiety. A more indepth program may be required to regain a sense of balance, health and wellbeing. The great news is with lifestyle changes and professional help it is very possible to manage and even overcome long term stress and anxiety symptoms.