Ever wondered what highly functioning individuals have in common, great teachers, leaders, mentors? They all take personal responsibility for themselves, their lives, their happiness and their wellbeing. Taking personal responsibility for your own health and wellbeing is actually an act of self love.

Right from when you were a small child and your parent’s encouraged you to dress yourself, you were learning personal responsibility. Obviously the adult who racks up credit cards filled with debt from spending way beyond their means, is not taking personal responsibility for their financial wellbeing.

Here are some signs that you might not be taking responsibility for yourself and your wellbeing.
–  you blame others entirely for your misfortune
–  you often feel sorry for yourself
–  you spend a lot of time complaining about how bad your life is and yet do nothing to change
–  you frequently engage in activities that deplete or are harmful to your physical, mental or emotional wellbeing.

It is normal and natural to avoid responsibility on some level, we all have stuff to deal with, negative beliefs or memories  from our past that we believe influence our present. Taking responsibility can be scary. When you do this you have to drop the blame and excuses in whatever form they take.

What is the gift of taking responsibility for you health and wellbeing?
–  you open up shut down parts of yourself, therefor vital energy increases
–  you can let go of avoiding (what a relief!)
–  you begin to feel in charge of you
–  you take back your personal power
–  you are free and exempt from getting it 100% right 100% of the time

And don’t worry you will never be done! Take pleasure in putting one foot in front of the other and joyfully doing your best, knowing that you are an evolving being and as such you will continue to uncover areas of yourself to grow and develop.