I gotta be honest here, if you were to ask me “What’s my Life Purpose?”… I couldn’t tell you what it is. Nope. I would lack the capacity to describe my purpose, path or dharma in an elegant paragraph that aptly speaks to my purpose in this life. I don’t know, not intellectually anyway, not with precise words.

BUT what I do know is, I AM living it. I know because I feel it in my whole being. This feeling, this knowing, this Truth, it’s not always an easy I’m-on-holiday feeling, or necessarily an easy breezy happy feeling. Sometimes we walk with uncomfortable feelings on this path because we are growing and growing brings with it stretch and challenge. Because you see, to me, living your Life Purpose, means living and expressing your Truth and being committed to uncovering more of your Truth, of who You are and what you bring to the world around you, in the best way you can, in this moment, step by human step.

So wonderful you, please don’t be fooled by the perfection stories out there. In this very busy online world there are so many learnings to choose from, we see a multitude of exciting stories of people who are “living their dream”, who seem to never stumble, get grumpy with their spouse, or have a “I feel lousy day”, and it’s tempting to think that you too should be crystal clear about your Life Purpose.

Absolutely continue to be inspired by the wonderful teachings out there, but also own YOUR inner wisdom and knowing, your own divine timing, trust that you ARE living your Life Purpose by the very virtue that you are here. Maybe its not perfect, but hey perfection isn’t our goal anyway. Allow yourself the grace to enjoy the unique unfolding and expression of You in this human journey.

If you don’t think you know what your Life Purpose is, you are not alone and nor is this a problem, just do what comes next for you on your path, the next step that’s showing up for you, that calls your heart and embrace this next step with your whole being. Don’t try to skip to the last chapter to read what happens to the heroine, what she makes of her life…be present for every page turn of your sacred human journey.