Our mind-body system is designed to move into a stress response, fight or flight, for short periods of time to deal with dangers when needed and then to literally shake it off, release the tension, and restore a relaxation response in the body.

When the nervous system becomes caught in fight or flight mode (sympathetic activation) long past the time of perceived danger or stress, the doorway to your intuition and spiritual connection becomes clogged with an overload of information. Like an antennae receiving too many signals all at once, we are unable to hear, feel, sense our inner knowing and spiritual connection.

Early life traumas, including birthing challenges, activate the nervous system into a fight or flight response with varying degrees of intensity. If the trauma remains unhealed within the system the stressed response may become chronic.

Your system may also fall into an habitual stress response through accumulative daily stress that is not relaxed. So if you are in a stressed state day after day, week after week, this activated state may become a long term pattern in your body.

Here’s how to tell is your nervous system is spending sustained periods of the time activated in a stressed state:

  • frequent headaches, digestive trouble, long term muscle tension
  • feeling overwhelmed
  • tendency to overreact
  • focus on fear, worst possible outcome, fear of the future
  • series of short term emergencies
  • difficulty relaxing
  • racing thoughts, intrusive mind chatter

This chronic activation in fight or flight mode differs from an in the moment reaction to actual danger and emergency, during such times we may act effectively and intuitively without thought. This “knowing” or intuition of right action is well known to arise in emergency situations, however our system is not designed to remain in this heightened state for long periods of time.

Thankfully there are many tools that help soothe a frazzled nervous system, and we can literally train our nervous system to be more resilient. A beautiful side effect of a soothed nervous system is greater connection to your intuition and a deeper capacity for spiritual connection that you can actually feel within your being.


Feelings of safety, groundedness and calm are signs that your parasympathetic nervous system is turned on, relaxation response is activated, your breathing is calm, heart rate steady and slower, digestion working… During this time your personal doorway to spiritual awareness, peace and joy is open.

During times of deep relaxation and inner silence, spiritual insight, answers to our questions and deep understandings to the nature of our problems arise within us. We cannot use our rational thinking mind to access this level of intuition.

If you want a clear connection to your inner wisdom, intuition and a sense of your spiritual self you need to do that from a place of a calm nervous system. Without this, exploration of your spiritual nature becomes a mental exercise and you will miss the “deep falling into soul” that is available for us all.


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