21065012_softParadoxically in a world that is so outwardly and materially focused, more and more of us are hearing the call of the Soul. The call to Awaken to a deeper experience of life. You know there is more to life than rushing to check off to-do lists, goals and planners, and perhaps you’ve heard the whisperings in your heart, the longing for a deeper connection to your Spiritual Self.

Your soul is beckoning you, calling for you. It will not relinquish the call, even if you’ve ignored it for lifetimes. When you are ready, when you’ve had enough of wading in the shallow pool, your Soul will welcome you with loving arms to dive deep into the luscious waters of your Spiritual Self.

This call from the Soul Self may come in many forms, some as loud as a thunderstorm, some quiet like the lapping shore of a lake. It may show itself during times of sickness, in the ending of a relationship, in the death of a loved one, or the loss of a job. You will know when you are being called, you will feel it in your heart of hearts, you will hear the call deep in the cells of your being. You may awaken one day and just know you are being called to connect to the “more than”… to the Divine…

When we allow the energy of the Soul Self to guide us, to infuse our daily life we can relax into our personal growth and even personal challenges, released from the grip of striving, chronic anxiety and perfectionism.

As we learn to rekindle our relationship with the Soul, to allow this energy to seep into our personal consciousness… we may even begin to let go of demanding from the Universe, of micromanaging our life and of worrying that we are not as successful as we should be. We may learn to let go and trust in the flow of life, flow that is powered by the creative inspiration of our Soul Self.

When we partner with our Soul we can feel and trust the greater, deeper Self who, if we allow it, will guide our way, will shine Divine light on our path and radiate this into our waking lives.

How will you answer the call to explore the road less travelled, the road that leads home to your Spiritual Self?


If you would like to explore more of the possibilities of your own Soul’s connection and wisdom, you many be interested in my upcoming One Day Retreats for Women. The first retreat Awakening Presence, is taking place 14th September 2014.