I am privileged to hold the space and witness deep healing for many people. I really do feel honoured to do this work, to walk this evolutionary path with so many wonderful women and men.

I guess because deep healing on a cellular level is something I am witness to on a regular basis it could be easy for me to be pretty relaxed about the “miracles” that occur through this work, but I’m ever grateful and humbled to be able to walk the sacred healing path with clients and friends. And the healing shows up in unique ways, we are all unique and so is our healing journey.

There’s something special that happens when we sit in a sacred space of healing, holding open to the wisdom of the Infinite Self and the intersection of spirit and biology. It’s tricky to put into words, but there are levels that we open to within the work that are way beyond our common everyday functioning, this is where the magic lies.

And honestly the clearer and more “awake” we become the easier the work flows; hold the space, then get out of the way and let the client’s universal wisdom healing cloudunfold… step back and let God and miracles in.

“Thank you for our session last Friday. My nervous system has remained calm – that’s a wonderful feeling. And my eyes – the oddest thing – Friday evening I suddenly had the strange feeling that I was LOOKING through my “good” eye now, as opposed to just being able to see – very hard to express in words, but my eyes feel calm and balanced. EFT never ceases to amaze, and you have a special gift.”