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The most powerful way to ensure we align to our highest and best Intentions is from the inside out. Engage the core of your power centers by actively working with your energy system and connecting with yourself at the level of Soul. By working from the inside-out in this way you release the need to over-think every decision, the need to work, push and strain to achieve your goals. You begin to open to the divine flow that comes about when you step into alignment with your Soul Self.

This following short guided meditation was given by me at the end of a radio show on the topic of intention and manifesting. It will help you consciously align to your Highest Will and Intention, bringing greater ease and alignment to your personal goals, dreams and actions.

You are given the tools to open to the flow and information from your Soul and to live your life more in alignment with this deep connection.

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Activate Your Highest Intention Meditation

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mp3 (12 minutes)
Enjoy your healing journey.

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