422007_mIncarnation’s a tricky thing for us Souls
, all this squeezing of your infinite spiritual form into a small human body… it sure takes some focused intention!

Along the way to being human we forget what sparkly divine beings we are, and there are certain events in our life that are, shall we say, wounding on a subtle body/mind level, even though we may not remember them with our conscious mind the scar remains. These life events if left unintegrated, leave parts of our being unhealed, we may become cut off from our True Nature in an attempt to minimise pain.

Energetic scars and restrictions are imprinted in your subtle body, and it’s these scars in the body-mind that are the energetic foundation of beliefs that keep you separate from your True Nature and your Soul’s wisdom.

These negative belief-making events include things like…

  • birth traumas
  • early life & pre-birth separations, physical, emotional, energetic
  • early life & pre-birth illness, surgeries
  • accidents
  • parents divorce, separation
  • verbal or physical abuse
  • family beliefs around sexuality
  • body shaming within our family, school, society…. think food, poo, touching, body parts shamed or un-named
  • the beliefs and/or shame mum carried about her physical body, same for dad
  • how dad related to you when you went through puberty… did he disappear, remain present, struggle with your emerging sexuality?
  • your first love, your first sexual experience…

Our subconscious mind makes up stories around difficult events to help minimise pain and reorganise our inner landscape to help us manage the pain or disruption.

These “stories” or beliefs are formed around the patterns of energy that arose during the difficult events.

These limiting beliefs are sometimes quiet, you may not know they exist, but they are always powerful, simmering just below the surface, very occasionally they jump up and kick you in the butt in a very obvious way!

Limiting beliefs like…

  1. I’m not enough
  2. I’m not worthy
  3. everything I do is wrong
  4. I don’t deserve…(insert joyful desire here)
  5. I am alone (even though you’re not alone, you still have a deep feeling of being alone that you just can’t shake)
  6. I am bad
  7. underneath my attractive clothes and makeup, I feel ugly
  8. my body betrays me
  9. I am separate from God (insert your name for the Divine here)

The good news is we can find our way through the swamp lands of these negative, limiting, “keep you in chains” beliefs. We can acknowledge, love and heal these parts of ourselves. To free ourselves in our everyday life we must first become intimate with our shadow self and when we do, the heavens open and we are filled with our divine essence again. This is indeed the heroine’s quest!

We heal our inner landscape and walk forward in our lives with a Soul sparkle.


As you start to walk out on the way, the way appears. ~Rumi 


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