Do you struggle with self doubt?

Perhaps you got really excited about making a change in your life or embarking on a new project. You began to make your anticipated change and are surprised when self doubt suddenly shows up powerfully within your body, mind and emotions.  Inwardly you might feel constricted, anxious, afraid.

Your intuition, which guided you towards opening to change seems to have abandoned you and you begin to wonder if you made a mistake, maybe you can’t achieve the change or the potential that you originally connected with.

Self doubt shows up as procrastination, fear, anxiety, tiredness, falling back into old habits, telling yourself it doesn’t really matter if you don’t give up the destructive behaviours, stalling, resignation.

The self talk associated with doubt can sound like, “I can’t do this, I don’t deserve this, I don’t really care about it after all, I’m afraid of…”

Self doubt in itself is not necessarily a problem. However self doubt can become problematic if you allow it to hold you back, to prevent you from making breakthroughs in your life.

You task is actually to ride the stormy seas of self doubt. Give your self doubt a voice, hear what its saying and then give it some space and connect with your deepest inner truth, the source or your original inspiration.

You might have an internal conversation with self doubt just like you would a frightened child, you hear the self doubt and reassure that everything is ok, for example; “I hear what you are saying, I understand that you are trying to protect me from the possibility of pain and I’m committed to this goal”.

In this way you are not feeding into fear and doubt, you withdraw attention and energy, but you don’t suppress or stuff it down. You are acknowledging and then giving space to self doubt. This is so important because if you feed self doubt by holding it as very significant you will stay stuck and frustrated.

When you follow your deeper calling for change and growth, self doubt will often show up, its a normal part of the process of allowing your best possible life to unfold.



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