Are you feeling empty, depleted? Perhaps your vital energy disappeared and still hasn’t returned, and you’ve even heard rumours it’s been spotted lazing on a sunny beach somewhere in the South Pacific!

Everyday tasks seem like impossible mountains to climb when you are running on empty. And if you feel this way to any degree it’s normal to hope that it will get better if you just try harder, exercise more, eat better. “If I could think more positively, get fitter, eat better, then surely I will feel better”.

These things are important and do help to maintain a healthy equilibrium, however if you discover you’ve reached a state of depletion as described above, trying harder and doing more can actually end up leaving you feeling more tired, more drained.

But before you book a flight to track down your missing mojo, … there are steps you can take without leaving the country. Seriously, the fastest way to recover your vital energy is to see someone for help before you are at your wits end. It is easier to remedy the problem, before it becomes a major issue.

Find a counsellor, naturopath, practitioner or doctor you trust, who understands the best ways to refuel your vital energy. It worries me that so many people wait until they are incapacitated by symptoms including depression, anxiety, sleep problems and immune dysfunction before they seek help. At this stage of depletion the only solution may seem to be prescribed medication, for example antidepressants. There are also natural solutions that are very effective particularly if they are utilised earlier rather than later.

Enlisting help before major symptoms emerge gives you the fastest path to recovery. Symptoms to watch out for might include ongoing tiredness lasting more than a week or two, low mood that doesn’t resolve in a short amount of time, increasing anxious feelings, continued aches and pains, frequent headaches. This is your body’s way of telling you that it needs some support.

Don’t wait until you feel like you are literally dragging yourself through every day before you seek help from someone who understands the role vital energy has to play in your overall physical, mental and emotional health. If you seek help before you reach rock bottom, your body, mind and spirit respond much more quickly and effectively.

Meegan Care is a qualified counsellor and healer with a holistic perspective, experienced at working with a wide range of life issues, including stress, anxiety and physical issues, she specialises in fast acting solutions that free you from pain and “that stuck place”, enabling you to move forward in your life in empowerment and joy.