Have you ever tried to hold onto something very tightly? You could try it now. Tightly hold on to an object in your hand. How many seconds or minutes does it take before it becomes painful? Not very long, right?

It’s the same with your mind, psychological pain is experienced when you hold on too tightly and too long to doubts, anger, fears and limiting beliefs.

Pain arises when you are either holding on to the past, or fixated on what might be in your future. Freedom is experienced when you are fully present in the now.
Inner peace is made more possible when you master both the ability to hold on and to let go. Just like the sea has incoming and outgoing tides, you also mentally, emotionally and energetically open and close, hold on and let go, this is a natural process.
What does letting go feel like in the mind/body system?
Grab that object again and hold on to it very tightly, now release it, let it fall…notice your internal process as this happens, both before you let the object fall, as it falls and after it hits the floor.

You can also learn to do this same releasing process with your thoughts and feelings.
You find yourself thinking about a conversation you had earlier today, consider for a moment letting go of that thought, are you willing to let that go? Let it go… there will likely be another thought along to take its place immediately. That’s ok… what would it be like to let that thought go too (just like dropping the physical object), do that now if you are willing.

You can engage this letting go practice in the middle of you daily life with your eyes wide open, you do not need to withdraw from the world or be alone in meditation to let go and free yourself of mental and emotional clutter.