Do you spend time worrying what other people think of you?  Do you tell yourself on a regular basis that what you did was not good enough? Or even, that you are not good enough? Do you often compare yourself unfavourably to others? Have you noticed that you procrastinate moving forward with your dreams? If you answered yes to these questions you may have an inner critic that has gotten too big for its boots!

The Truth Behind Your Inner Critic
The inner critic is an aspect of your ego, its original job was to protect you from pain and shame. It is partly comprised of internalised messages from parents and authority figures from childhood. The inner critic wanted to make you acceptable to others by criticizing and correcting your behaviour before other people could criticize and correct you. Without this protective mechanism you would have  difficultly negotiating relationships and friendships. An adult who shouts and screams and stamps their feet when they don’t get what they want tends to have few fulfilling relationships! In its healthy form your inner critic is a protector. Unfortunately this same part given too much power can lead us to inhibit ourselves in conversations, to play it safe in our careers, to not stretch out of our comfort zone in our every day life, and to just generally feel bad about ourselves.

For many people the inner critic tends to “run the show” in very limiting and toxic ways. No matter what you do, how hard you try you cannot please your inner critic. Those who experience low self esteem, depression and anxiety are often debilitated by the negative messages from their inner critic.

Freedom From Your Inner Critic

Its time to take your power back! Move your inner critic out of its role as leader and allow the wise loving aspects of your being to take charge. The next time you hear that familiar critical voice inside of you putting you down, take a deep breath, a mental step back, and observe what’s happening. Next give the intent to connect with wise loving aspects of yourself. In this way you are unblocking the connection to your own inner wisdom, allowing expression and connection from a place of authenticity and freedom.