Many women I work with are borderline adrenally exhausted, some have actually crossed over that line.

Here’s some tips if you find yourself chronically exhausted, low in physical vitality and never feel rested no matter how much you sleep (and perhaps even a restful night sleep now evades you).

1.  Give your nervous system some love baby!

You may be in a state where your nervous system is working really hard, you might feel busy and buzzy and tired all at the same time, unable to rest and relax, sleep is broken.Get support now, right now, before you tip over into “I can’t get out of bed for a week”. Because once that happens it’s harder to bounce back from.

Support might come in the form of a herbal formula from a great herbalist to support and soothe your adrenals and nervous system, to work with a therapist like myself who can communicate and work with your nervous system, who has the skills to soothe and restore an over stressed system, it could be through float tank therapy, your depleted body looooves and needs all that magnesium immersion.

2.  Slow down sister…

Truthfully it’ll never all get done, never, ever! We have to, have to, accept that. Shift our expectations to getting the important stuff done and as the old but true saying goes, “Don’t sweat the small stuff” and really underneath it all, it’s pretty much all small stuff.

Honestly sometimes I catch myself focusing on my “important” projects and work and missing the really important juice in life: love, relationships, connection. Can you relate?

3.  Ditch de caffeine (or at least reduce it!)

If you need coffee to get going, then another and another, to keep going you are strangling your adrenals by the throat, seriously they are gagging, struggling, can’t keep up.

Too much caffeine makes us fast on the inside and is depleting at the same time. Reduce your caffeine intake over time if you want to avoid a detox headache.

4.  Get your 8 hours shut eye

In a dark room, without a digital clock, no screens, nothing. It’s simple sleep hygiene and it’s a must for those on the depleted end of the spectrum.

If you are waking up lots in the night, again it’s a common symptom when we are “wired and tired”, get support from your favourite naturopath, healer or the like, one who’s experienced with sleep issues.

5.  Eat your greens darling

When I’m feeling depleted I crave sugar and refined carbohydrates. Of course that’s exactly what’s NOT going to sustain and restore my vital energy. We all know this right?

Sometimes we just need someone to tap us on the shoulder and remind us of our capacity to lovingly nourish our physical body with good wholefood. Tap Tap Tap…

6.  Sort those energy leaks…

I ask you, hand on heart, are there any issues in your life that require your attention, that are screaming out for resolution and that you’ve been avoiding for a very long time? Is it time?