OHMpod 11

Physical Healing Meditation

A deeply relaxing and healing meditation track for helping heal and soothe your physical body. Use when you are unwell, in pain or suffering with sickness. Supports the parasympathetic nervous system to come online, which helps the body to engage its healing resources. You are guided to open to universal healing qi (energy) in a particular way that clients have found very helpful in clinic.

OHMpod 10

Peaceful Sleep Meditation For Children

A gentle meditation for children to help release the day and relax into a restful sleep with the help of rainbows, shining stars and angels.

OHMpod 09

Acceptance Meditation

Present moment awareness and acceptance of what is. To be present, body, mind and heart is a liberating experience of Now, that cannot be achieved by rejecting or hiding away from our current embodied experience. Only when we accept the fullness of our experience, comfortable or not, through all levels of our being, do we open the doorway to peace and personal freedom.

OHMpod 08

Earth Mother Goddess Meditation

She is known by many names in all cultures throughout the world, connect with the support of the loving, living, breathing, Mother Earth Goddess. Give yourself the space to tune in to the healing power of Mother Earth Goddess in this nourishing meditation.

OHMpod 07

Mini Manifesting Meditation

This short meditation offers the inner doorway enabling you to access the power and grace of your energy chakra system – power up your manifesting goals & intentions from the inside-out! A great meditation to start your day with.

OHMpod 06

Kuan Yin Goddess Of Compassion Meditation During this gentle meditation journey you will be guided to connect with the energy of the Goddess Kuan Yin. Awaken to love & self forgiveness through Her healing compassion.

OHMpod 05

Emotional Freedom Meditation Release stuck emotions and inner tension in this short healing meditation.

OHMpod 04

Letting Go For Sleep Meditation A guided meditation that supports you to release tension, put down the stress of the day and relax into a peaceful state of rest and deep rejuvenating sleep.

OHMpod 03

Confident Me Meditation Connect to your natural inner state of confidence in this empowering meditation that activates and heals through your chakra system.

OHMpod 02

Simple Breathing Meditation Focus on the breath as your anchor in this meditation. Gentle short meditation that calms your nervous system and encourages feelings of peace and calm mind.