Making Friends with Feelings

Mindfulness tools for dealing with emotions



As a younger woman I was challenged to be with emotions in a healthy way. I vasillated between not feeling any emotion – either positive or negative – residing mostly in my mind; and finding myself drowning in stormy sea of difficult emotions, reactive and at the whim of my emotions.

We are either overly identified with emotions, both positive and negative, allowing them to rule us and our perception of relationships and life itself; or we tend to disconnect from our emotional life, and subconsciously shut down our feeling experience. We often see this in the business world where mental strength is king and emotions are perceived of as having little value in decision making, communication and even strength of character. But closing off from feelings is a limited strategy, there is a cost to denying this natural part of your character. You cant suppress just the painful feelings, your system isn’t wired that way, it’s the same heart that feels both pleasurable and painful emotions.

However there is a healthy middle ground where we are not falling victim to our emotions, nor are we stuck in suppressing the emotional self. This is about connecting to the “observer”, the part of you that is able to notice emotions, just as we notice clouds in the sky, and experience them for what they are – energy arising in the body – which may give information about unmet needs, what’s occuring below the surface of the conscious thinking mind, or changing states within the body’s physiology, or even the nervous system response to repetitive thinking patterns.

Emotions are a powerful social signal, that in many people stimulate reactivity, but through mindfulness practice we learn to rest in the “observer” and begin to notice emotions, receive the information they offer, and then respond (rather than react). In this way the rational thinking mind and the emotional self work together. We call this “making friends with feelings” or disidentification, and it is a natural by product of mindfulness practice as well as being a skill you can cultivate.

Emotions/feelings are impermanent, they rise and they fall away. Human experience without emotion is dull and lifeless, yet we must not make emotions the master of us. Making friends with feelings is a powerful approach that can shift you from being a victim of your emotional life, to being captain of the ship, with all parts of the psyche working together.

OHMpod 11

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OHMpod 10

Peaceful Sleep Meditation For Children A gentle meditation for children to help release the day and relax into a restful sleep with the help of rainbows, shining stars and angels.

OHMpod 09

Acceptance Meditation Present moment awareness and acceptance of what is. To be present, body, mind and heart is a liberating experience of Now, that cannot be achieved by rejecting or hiding away from our current embodied experience. Only when we accept the fullness of our experience, comfortable or not, through all levels of our being,…

heart of silence meditation retreat

We are not our bodies, our possessions, or our careers. Who we are is Divine Love and that is Infinite. Dr Wayne Dyer (1940-2015)   So why would you commit 24 hours of your life to a meditation retreat? Aside from the lovely company, gorgeous sea views, luxury beach house, delicious food… Sounds quite heavenly…

OHMpod 08

Earth Mother Goddess Meditation She is known by many names in all cultures throughout the world, connect with the support of the loving, living, breathing, Mother Earth Goddess. Give yourself the space to tune in to the healing power of Mother Earth Goddess in this nourishing meditation.

OHMpod 07

Mini Manifesting Meditation This short meditation offers the inner doorway enabling you to access the power and grace of your energy chakra system – power up your manifesting goals & intentions from the inside-out! A great meditation to start your day with.

OHMpod 06

Kuan Yin Goddess Of Compassion Meditation During this gentle meditation journey you will be guided to connect with the energy of the Goddess Kuan Yin. Awaken to love & self forgiveness through Her healing compassion.

OHMpod 05

Emotional Freedom Meditation Release stuck emotions and inner tension in this short healing meditation.

OHMpod 04

Letting Go For Sleep Meditation A guided meditation that supports you to release tension, put down the stress of the day and relax into a peaceful state of rest and deep rejuvenating sleep.