Studies show that Mindfulness reduces the effects of stress, anxiety & depression.

Participants in Mindfulness practices report improved stress management.

Improved immune system function has been noted in recent studies.

Mindfulness is also helpful if you experience chronic pain and illness.

In short Mindfulness is proven to be great for your health! It’s no wonder more and more people are learning mindfulness for themselves.


There are a number of ways you can learn mindfulness and meditation…


Mindfulness Coaching

Individual coaching sessions in Mindfulness. Contact me for details here.


Mindfulness Courses

I’m a facilitator for Mindfulness Works, a nationwide Mindfulness training organisation.
Evening courses are run each month. Upcoming course details are here.

Or organise your own small group for a four week Mindfulness course. Find out more details here.


Workplace Training

Talk to me about bringing Mindfulness training to your business or workplace.


The growing evidence base indicates that repeated mindfulness practice can lead to positive life changes, including reduced stress and anxiety, reduced chronic physical pain, a boosted immune system, the ability to cope with difficult life events, the ability to deal with negative emotions,reduced insomnia, increased self-awareness to detect harmful reactive patterns of thought, feeling and action, improved concentration, a greater sense of happiness and wellbeing. (Source: Mental Health Foundation NZ)