heart of silence meditation retreat

Young woman meditating in the spring forest

We are not our bodies, our possessions, or our careers.
Who we are is Divine Love and that is Infinite.
Dr Wayne Dyer (1940-2015)


So why would you commit 24 hours of your life to a meditation retreat?

Aside from the lovely company, gorgeous sea views, luxury beach house, delicious food…

Sounds quite heavenly already right? :)


But there has to be something else that draws us to step out of everyday life, to commit financially, to block out our diary, to say no to other events.


So, what is that something?


That something that is asking you to pause,

to go within…


Maybe you can’t put words to that intention,

maybe it’s just a feeling within you,

an interest,

a drawing forward,

you’re not sure what it is…


Here’s the thing, we can get things sorted on the outside, the job, the family, social connections, friends, fitness, eat right…

but sometimes, let’s be honest here, we still feel flat, empty,

like there is something missing…

if only you knew what it was.


And you can go on adding to your life –

up-levelling your career, house, car, clothes…

but none of those things will satisfy the strange emptiness within you,

none of those external things will ease the discomfort,

the disconnection

the pain

you sometimes wake to,

that arises, seemingly out of nowhere.


The only thing that will make a difference is

taking time to go within, to listen

to the Truth in your Heart

to the whispers of your Soul.


There is a whole universe within you,

within the very cells of your body.

A universe of Love.


Because YOU

are an

Infinite Being.


But you just don’t know it yet,

I mean REALLY know it.


You are a Divine Being of the Universe.

And your life matters,

in ways you can’t even fathom yet.


If you have felt the call to take time to dive a little deeper…

then consider joining us for the

Heart of Silence Meditation Retreat

30-31 October 2015

(There are still two places left)


I offer this retreat from the love in my heart

and the conviction that we must go within

to find the treasures that we seek!


If you have any questions at all send me an email here and I will do my best to help. :)

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