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3 Tips To Maintain Your Holiday Calm All Year


Are you feeling relaxed and refreshed at the moment? Me too! But how quickly this feeling of calm and ease can disappear, when you are back at work immersed in school and everyday routines. Imagine what it might be like to engage more of this inner state of calm all year round. Here are some…

Why is taking personal responsibility so vital?

Ever wondered what highly functioning individuals have in common, great teachers, leaders, mentors? They all take personal responsibility for themselves, their lives, their happiness and their wellbeing. Taking personal responsibility for your own health and wellbeing is actually an act of self love. Right from when you were a small child and your parent’s encouraged…

just say no!

yes or no Counselling sign

When was the last time you said no to a request from an adult friend, family member, or acquaintance? Said no, because you needed or wanted to, without a long explanation, or list of excuses? Women I talk to generally agree, they often say yes to requests when they would rather say no. They either…

are you too self-critical?

Do you spend time worrying what other people think of you?  Do you tell yourself on a regular basis that what you did was not good enough? Or even, that you are not good enough? Do you often compare yourself unfavourably to others? Have you noticed that you procrastinate moving forward with your dreams? If…

stressed, anxious? you are not alone

stress holistic therapy picking plowers

Chances are someone close to you suffers from some form of stress or anxiety, it could even be you! I frequently see clients who are struggling with stress and anxiety symptoms, and many keep this problem hidden from friends and family. Lets face it we all feel stressed, nervous, even anxious from time to time….

what is your body telling you?


Take a leap into body Your body has a message for you. As feelings come and go within, you may also notice a physical response associated with emotions. We easily notice the physical/emotional connection when our feelings are strong, for instance intense grief will be very noticeable in the heart area. Or anxiety can be…