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How To Awaken Your Own Inner Healer

Want a peek inside what really happens in a healing session? Here’s how the body-mind-soul system offers information, and what we do with that information during the healing.

the truth about self doubt, conflict & criticism

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I want to spend a moment speaking to distractions and diversions that keep you from shining your light. They might come in the form of well thought out and even “valid criticism”, conflict, in response to your stepping up more fully, expressing more of yourself in the world. These distractions may show themselves as ruminating…

release 2013 | welcome with inspiration 2014!

What’s your favorite way to release the past and welcome the new? If you are like me you prefer to create joyful, inspirational intentions and goals, rather than “must do better this year” resolutions that are soon forgotten. I love to reflect and release the past year, and then open to the dance of inspiration…

6 saves if you are wired & tired


Many women I work with are borderline adrenally exhausted, some have actually crossed over that line. Here’s some tips if you find yourself chronically exhausted, low in physical vitality and never feel rested no matter how much you sleep (and perhaps even a restful night sleep now evades you). 1.  Give your nervous system some…

Making Friends With Your Feelings

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We often only become aware of our emotions when they become really big and loud. For example; we are filled to overflowing with love in a new relationship, or we find ourselves frozen by fear and anxiety. In these moments you become intensely aware of the emotion present in your physical body. There are times…

How To Banish Self Doubt


Do you struggle with self doubt? Perhaps you got really excited about making a change in your life or embarking on a new project. You began to make your anticipated change and are surprised when self doubt suddenly shows up powerfully within your body, mind and emotions.  Inwardly you might feel constricted, anxious, afraid. Your…