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OHMpod 06

Kuan Yin Goddess Of Compassion Meditation During this gentle meditation journey you will be guided to connect with the energy of the Goddess Kuan Yin. Awaken to love & self forgiveness through Her healing compassion.

OHMpod 05

Emotional Freedom Meditation Release stuck emotions and inner tension in this short healing meditation.

OHMpod 04

Letting Go For Sleep Meditation A guided meditation that supports you to release tension, put down the stress of the day and relax into a peaceful state of rest and deep rejuvenating sleep.

OHMpod 03

Confident Me Meditation Connect to your natural inner state of confidence in this empowering meditation that activates and heals through your chakra system.

OHMpod 02

Simple Breathing Meditation Focus on the breath as your anchor in this meditation. Gentle short meditation that calms your nervous system and encourages feelings of peace and calm mind.

OHMpod 01

Short Stress Reduction Body Scan Meditation Reduce your stress levels and calm your whole being with this short healing meditation.